Kâzim Zaim


Born in 1948 in Prizren, Kosovo, he immigrated to Istanbul with his family in 1958. During his secondary education, he started working at a photographer during school vacations and chose photography as his profession. Starting in 1965, he worked at Bella and Baysal studios in Beyoğlu, Istanbul until he joined the army. At Baysal Studio, he met Sami Güner, who introduced him to artistic photography.

After his military service, he opened his own studio in Çapa, Istanbul in 1970. Apart from Istanbul and Anatolia, he worked in Kosovo in 1975 and in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1987-1988, photographing historical and cultural heritage. He worked for Tercüman newspaper from 1985 and for Türkiye newspaper after 1992. He documented the 1989 forced Turkish migration from Bulgaria.

In 1995, he participated in the group exhibition „ Bosnia-Herzegovina“. In 1999, he opened his solo exhibition „10 Years after Migration“ in Istanbul. He received many awards in photography competitions. He is the author of several photo albums, including „Bosnia-Herzegovina“ (1992) and „Turkish Photographers Library 10“ (2004).


Pictures from Kâzım Zaim

1. Kapikule railway station, Edirne. Summer of 1989.
Kyazm Zaim among expelled Turks.

2. Kapakule, Adrianople. Summer of 1989.
An old man in a stalemate.

3. Train stop at Kapakule, Edirne. Summer of 1989.
Grandmother and granddaughter.

4. Kapakule, Edirne. Summer of 1989.
An elderly Turkish woman covering her tears.

5. Train stop at Kapakule, Edirne. Summer 1989.
Bulgarian train carrying Turks.

6. Train stop at Kapakule, Edirne. Summer 1989.
Washing a newborn baby.

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